Name: Paul

Email: pzw0365@******

Phone: CBS11008M78L

Message: I am trying to find out what type of options this boat came with, and i can not find out any info, if you can help I would appreachiat it very much. any engine Ect. info is important. all i know right now is the HIN # is CBS11008M78L the make is CLASSIC 1978 the manufactur is Blackwell Boatworks Manns Harbor N.C. it is possible also that it ether came from Craig & Sandra Blackwell INC. or Classic boat\’s INC. (OOB) this all the info i can get right no any help would be great  Thank you,  Paul



Dear Paul,

From the HIN I know it’s a 1978 boat. You are telling me the make is a Classic and the Manufacturer is Blackwell Boatworks.

According to the Manufacturer’s Identification Code Database the make and manufacturer was Cobra Marine Industries. Which is out of business.

NADA will give you the options that were available for the particular model. I was able to look for it under Classic Boats, which is no longer in business. However, without the model information, I was unable to determine what options were available for your boat since Classic made a few models that year.

BUC is another website that can give you specific information on your boat, including options.

Hope this helps.